Emergency Response Team (E.R.T.)

Lake County has an Emergency Response Team to assist residents in the unincorporated areas of the county. The Team is made up of various county officials. Monthly meetings are held to discuss concerns of road and ditch flooding as well as other minor emergency situations that pose a threat to the well being of the general population.

Smart911 / Rave Mobile Safety

Lake County residents can opt-in to receive emergency and general alerts through Smart911, a free service that can save precious seconds when you dial 911, not only within Lake County, but in any area in the world that offers Smart911. Through your Smart911 account, you can opt-in to receive alerts from the National Weather Service as well as county-wide emergency and general alerts that you choose from.

We have also partnered with several towns & cities within the county making it possible for them to reach out to their residents. The expansion of the service is provided at no additional cost to the citizens nor the municipalities. 
All you need is one free Smart911 account! Get yours today at https://Smart911.com or download the app from the Apple or Google app stores for free.

If you need support for your existing Smart911 account, please visit the website above. We do not have the ability to access your account. For more information, click HERE.

This service is provided through Rave Mobile Safety and managed by an alliance between Lake County Homeland Security and Emergency Management and Lake County 911.

Mutual Aid

Lake County is involved in a Mutual Aid Agreement with four other counties of Indiana; Jasper, LaPorte, Newton, and Porter counties. This agreement was created and signed in 2003. Its purpose is for each county to provide resources and assistance to any of the remaining counties after their resources become exhausted. Included in this agreement is the mutual aide of all the hospitals within each of the five counties.