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The Lake Superior Court Civil Division Room Three is a division of the Lake County Indiana Court system. The Court hears civil cases primarily pertaining to families involved in dissolutions of marriage, post-dissolutions, and custody disputes. Additionally, the Court presides over civil collection cases, protective orders, and accepts appointments as Special Judge over various civil cases. The Court resolves issues involving children, property, visitation and financial issues. The Court also hears all post-dissolution motions after the marriage has terminated, and retains jurisdiction to enforce the orders and modify issues if needed.

Lake Superior Court, Domestic Relations Division, serves many indigent litigants who are self-represented. The Court offers a legal clinic to these litigants to assist with the completion of forms related to family matters. Many litigants do not have access to computers in their homes. Pro bono attorneys assist the litigants with any questions and filling out the papers for their specific matter although the pro bono attorney does not represent them in any court proceeding. Together with the legal clinic, the Court provides ADR mediation to qualifying litigants and facilitation services to those litigants who have come through the legal clinic.

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